My best days are full of walks in warm weather (I wish Toronto summers were longer), bike rides, white wine, and tasty food with friends and family on a patio. Simultaneously, I enjoy gardening, laughing lots, and walks with my doggo. Very often, I go down wiki rabbit holes of niche topics, of late I’ve been into world history.

You know the one friend that always laughs at their own jokes? Yep, that’s me. Except the dad jokes, I groan at those.

In the summer, you can find me in indulging in Canada’s beautiful landscapes. I’m usually camping, picnicking, or hiking.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve been growing a vegetable garden. I’m working on a space to share my knowledge digitally soon.

Creating community, meeting new folks, and sharing knowledge brings me a lot of joy.


My inspiration is nestled within the world's gentle cadence. I love slowing down on walks, pausing to allow my senses to observe the melodies and tactile whispers of the breeze. It comes from being immersed in cinematic marvels, where every frame and soundtrack is elegantly edited to stir the soul. This is what fuels my creative fire, wanting to contribute to the delicate beauty that surrounds us. Good design is an avenue to simplify life and it’s meaningful because it’s honest.


A digital scrapbook of things I’m inspired by and can’t stop thinking about. If you’re also intrigued by these topics, I’d love to chat! I bookmark them here (and in a massive inspo Figma file), which serves as you guessed it, inspiration when I’m stuck. More coming as soon as I consolidate my bookmarks.

Content creation

  • All you have to do is start
  • Doobydodap
  • Gardens

Other art forms

  • Shoes
  • Old Bollywood lyrics
  • Clothes
  • Words
  • Hand-built pizza ovens

Bucket List